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Our word is surrounded by a wonderful ancient Sorrento garden, hidden among the fifteenth-century buildings of the historic center, and immersed in the mystery of our renaissance building so that you'll always wonder what’s at the end of his ancient stairs.

A fully open kitchen will be welcome!



Sharing is what we were born for.

The yard, inside our garden, is the space for those who just want to drink a cocktail and taste tapas. At the sunset or after dinner, our barman, thanks to the skillful selection of liqueur and spirits,  will make this simple moment even more unique,


The story of our first dish begins like this: barefoot in the earth, with hands that taste like tomato leaves and the memory of the joy of childhood.

We respect our territory and our history of unique and unrepeatable products.

Our menu is marked by that of the garden: each dish will follow seasonality and instinct.



Dining together with the Chefs, interacting with them, discovering the reason for the dishes, and being an integral part of the brigade for an evening is a possible experience!

The opportunity to taste dishes made specifically to give you an unforgettable moment of taste and memory.


Since the Middle Ages walls protected the city of Sorrento, defending the Sorrentines from possible invasions that came from the sea.

The same walls that, full of charm and magic, welcome tables for a private and memorable dinner.

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An environment heated by the fire of our embers, with a minimalist design composed of a typical Sorrento “pergola” built-in walnut beams.

The open kitchen, with a counter that recalls the colors of the embers, will bring you back to the primordial concept, and the orange with warm tones of the furniture will create an atmosphere that will satisfy all the senses.


En plein air is all you need to be grateful for our land.

Whether it's summer, spring, or Sunday lunch, the outdoor seating will be the ideal place to enjoy the clean air of our garden.

Fruit trees, a well-kept lawn, a vegetable garden, and a clear sky will frame your lunch.

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